house-roasted coffee

Foxtrot coffee is roasted every day on site to insure freshness and quality in every cup. We source our beans directly from high-quality producers in Guatemala and roast in small batches - just enough for our customers.

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Great flavor in the cup starts with a quality green bean, and we accomplish that by trading directly with high-quality producers in Guatemala. The natural sweetness and chocolate & caramel notes of these coffees allow us to focus on a small number of high quality offerings.

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Our micro batch roasting process is ultra consistent and automated, producing a reliable bean batch after batch. Our machine roasts via convection rather than conduction, producing a more even profile than traditional roasting machines.



La Marzocco is the gold standard of brew equipment in the coffee world - so when you see those red letters on the back of our espresso machine you know you’re getting some of the best java this world has to offer. Cheers!